What types of coverage does geico provide on rental cars if my vehicle is being repaired due to an accident covered by my policy in murfreesboro?

Rental reimbursement* is optional coverage that helps pay for the rental costs of the vehicle while it is being repaired as a result of a covered claim. This covers your medical bills in the event of an accident in the rental car. As long as you have personal injury protection coverage or medical payments in your auto policy and reliable health insurance, you may not need this coverage. Yes, Geico offers car rental insurance.

If you already have a personal car policy with Geico that includes liability, comprehensive and collision coverage, this insurance will likely be extended to cover your rental car. If you only have liability insurance with Geico, physical damage to the rental vehicle will not be covered. Your Geico car insurance will extend to your rental vehicle up to the same coverage limit as your main vehicle. That means that if you're driving a new luxury sedan and renting a compact car, you're good to go.

But what if you're driving a 15-year-old gang member and you want to rent a big vehicle with lots of details? That's where it gets difficult. If you don't have either type of coverage, you can take out personal accident insurance through the car rental company. If you have Geico car insurance for your main vehicle, the good news is that you have coverage for rental cars. While auto insurance rates are rising across the country, residents of some states can still enjoy affordable rates for now.

Keeping car insurance rates low by improving your driving habits and credit score, seeking discounts and using usage-based insurance (pay-per-mile) are all options. In terms of average car insurance premiums, Idaho drivers only spend a few dollars more than Mainers residents each year. If you don't have enough coverage through Geico to cover your rental car, you can buy insurance from your car rental company or see if your credit card company offers it. Generally, your health insurance will cover injuries that result from a car accident, and home or renters policies cover items stolen from a car.

Even when you have a level of coverage, there are times when it's best to buy additional rental car insurance anyway. It may give you peace of mind to shell out car rental insurance and know that you won't pay more than that amount. You can't always control all the factors that affect your car insurance rates, but there are things you can do to save money. Read on to learn some basic facts about rental car insurance and whether or not you need additional coverage beyond your personal auto insurance policy.

This is not an insurance product, but rather an exemption that transfers financial responsibility from you to the car rental company in the event of damage or theft. The first step is to review your car insurance policy or contact your provider to see what type of rental vehicle coverage is already included in your personal auto insurance policy. When you rent a car at the airport or another car rental agency, you will be asked if you want to add insurance to your rental or if you want to exempt it from insurance.

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