What should i do if i need to add or remove a vehicle from my existing policy?

To add a car to your policy, you can update your policy online or call your insurance company. Usually, you only need to provide the vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate number, and the make and model of the vehicle. Depending on the car insurance company you choose, you can also add optional types of coverage, such as emergency roadside service, emergency insurance, and rent reimbursement in the event of a covered claim. The first step in choosing additional coverage for your car is to decide if you need minimum coverage insurance or full coverage insurance.

Multi-vehicle discounts are among the most significant discounts that auto insurance companies offer to drivers, but they are usually not sufficient to cancel the full premium that the insurance company will charge for adding a vehicle to its policy. Because most insurance companies offer significant discounts for multiple vehicles, multi-car insurance policies are often cheaper than insuring multiple vehicles with separate policies. Whether your agent adds your car to the policy or you do it yourself, most insurance companies will provide you with proof of insurance shortly after the transaction, usually by sending you an identification card by email. While you may qualify for a multi-car discount by adding a second vehicle to your policy, your overall auto insurance rate will likely continue to increase.

If you're financing or leasing your vehicle, you may also be asked to show proof of insurance before taking your car out of the dealership. Some insurance companies may not give you a choice when it comes to insuring your vehicles with one policy or with others separately.

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