What is geico's overall brand reputation?

Companies that are among the 50 best in the neighborhood. In addition to personal and commercial auto insurance policies, Geico offers several other types of coverage, including home and life insurance. However, Geico's NAIC rating is 1.33, meaning it has received more complaints than the average insurance company. While coverage options and discounts may vary depending on the partner company, Geico does announce a package discount for auto insurance customers who add a property insurance policy through the company.

Policyholders who value cheaper car insurance and digital capabilities rather than bundling several insurance policies with the same company might consider Geico as their preferred company. Geico offers a wide variety of insurance products, including policies for your home, vehicle and business, through a network of subsidiaries and unaffiliated companies that specialize in drafting different types of insurance policies. Yes, Geico is a good insurance company for drivers of all types, as well as one of the best insurance companies in general. Geico does not issue its own home insurance policies, but works with unaffiliated insurance companies to offer home insurance quotes to interested customers.

If you're looking for an affordable car insurance policy and feel comfortable managing your own accounts online when there's no agent nearby, Geico might be the right choice for you. However, Esurance doesn't advertise as many discounts as Geico and has higher average car insurance premiums. Full coverage isn't the official name of any type of insurance, so be sure to clarify if these types of insurance are included if you purchase a Geico policy. For more information on Geico's car insurance rates, including rates after an at-fault accident or a DUI, see the following drop-down menu.

With availability across the country and a wealth of discounts, Geico is a popular and often affordable option for car insurance. Geico's full coverage typically includes at least the minimum auto insurance coverage required by the state, along with collision and all-risk insurance to protect the policyholder's vehicle. Customers may be able to obtain a term life insurance policy through Geico's partner companies without any medical tests, but they will still likely have to complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire. Geico received a near-expected number of auto insurance complaints from state regulators regarding its size, according to three-year data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

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