What does geico use to gain customers?

In addition to traditional advertising on television channels, Geico uses “pre-roll-up ads” that are broadcast directly before the content selected by users, such as on Hulu. All ads start and end within the five-second limit that a person must see before they can move on to the content. In the recent Best of Geico campaign, Geico reviewed its greatest successes, reattracted consumers and directed traffic to its website, all with recycled material that still works. To help you understand the marketing approaches that MSPs avoid, consider the marketing approaches of insurance companies Geico and Progressive Insurance.

In addition to the typical television commercial used by all insurance companies, Geico takes advantage of the pre-roll that is broadcast directly before the content selected by users. Insurance may not have much to do with cavemen and squirrels, but Geico uses these adorable characters perfectly to tell a fun anecdote that makes the brand's promise a reality, which is what makes people rush to YouTube to see these characters over and over again.

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