What are the requirements for auto insurance in mississippi?

Yes, car insurance is required to drive a car legally in Mississippi. Under Mississippi's compulsory motor liability insurance system, all drivers must maintain liability insurance and carry proof (on paper or electronic) that the vehicle is insured. The consequences of driving without insurance exceed the monthly insurance premium and may result in the following penalties. You'll need to buy other types of coverage if you want the insurance company to pay your medical bills and vehicle repairs.

Keep in mind that these penalties will add to the serious financial consequences if you cause a car accident and don't have insurance. If your car was financed, most of the time your lender will require you to have collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Car insurance protects you from financial losses, such as vehicle repairs, medical bills, and legal services that could result from a car accident. If you want to know the ability to pay claims rating of a particular insurance company, ask an agent or company representative.

State law states that a law enforcement officer cannot stop you just to check if you have an insurance card, but can ask you for proof of insurance during a stop for any other legal violation. You may want to make a worksheet that will help you keep track of the car insurance quotes you receive from different companies. Remember that if you're at fault for an accident, liability coverage will only cover the limits of your insurance. Other optional coverages that can be added to your auto insurance policy include collision, comprehensive and medical payment components.

In some states, your vehicle can be towed and you won't be able to claim it until you present proof of insurance. Some states require an SR-22 document to show that you can meet the state's minimum insurance requirements. This insurance can cover reasonable and necessary medical or funeral expenses for you and others who are covered by your policy in the event of an accident, regardless of who is at fault, up to the amount you choose. Nationwide, Nationwide N and Eagle and other brands that appear on this page are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, unless otherwise stated.

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