How to get 30% discount with right track?

Get rewards for driving safely with RightTrack. Instantly receive a 10% discount when you sign up. Complete the program and you can save up to 30% on your.

Liberty Mutual

guarantees a 5% to 30% discount to all participants in the RightTrack program.

This may seem like a great deal. But how does Liberty Mutual RightTrack compare to other telematic tracking device programs? RightTrack is available to Liberty Mutual car insurance policy holders in most states, regardless of their age or the type of vehicle they drive. In New York, drivers are mailed a small plug-in device because state insurance regulations don't allow vehicles to be tracked using mobile apps. With every car trip, Liberty Mutual's mobile app or plug-in device records driver behaviors, including sudden braking, acceleration, night driving and the number of miles traveled.

Drivers who score well in the program are entitled to a discount of up to 30 percent on their Liberty Mutual car insurance policy. Before you even install the tracking device or hit the road, Liberty Mutual applies a small discount to your car insurance premiums. Drivers who complete the program can keep their discount for as long as they have an auto policy with Liberty Mutual. The maximum discount available is 30%, although most drivers seem to get an average discount of 10 to 15% with Liberty Mutual RightTrack.

Several of Liberty Mutual's competitors make receiving a discount conditional on ongoing oversight and allow discounts to fluctuate based on performance during previous policy periods. Liberty Mutual's RightTrack program uses telematics technology to monitor and reward safe drivers with discounts on their auto insurance premiums. Once a Liberty Mutual customer gets a RightTrack discount, they keep it for as long as they have that policy with Liberty Mutual. In addition to the RightTrack discount, Liberty Mutual members can also take advantage of other savings that the insurance company offers to all of its auto customers.

While all three versions allow drivers to share their data with Liberty Mutual and receive discounts for their good behavior, the details of how each program collects and shares this data vary slightly. Liberty Mutual's RightTrack tracks driving data over a 90-day period with a plug-in device or mobile application to determine the requirements for discounts. Like many auto insurance companies, Liberty Mutual offers a telematic program that could result in significant premium discounts for policyholders. While 30% is by no means the biggest discount offered through a usage-based program, it's higher than the discount rate offered by several of Liberty Mutual's competitors.

Liberty Mutual RightTrack allows policyholders to receive discounts on their car insurance by sharing driving data with Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual's RightTrack is a telematic program that uses the driving data of participating customers to determine discounts on their auto insurance premiums. Liberty Mutual members who have good driving habits receive discounts of up to 30% on their auto insurance premiums. At the end of the 90-day review period, Liberty Mutual calculates the final discount that will be granted to the policyholder, which will be applied to the customer's policy for as long as they are still a customer.

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