How long is zero tolerance after a dui in california?

Under this zero-tolerance statute, anyone under the age of 21 is caught with a BAC of. The zero-tolerance suspension takes effect 30 days after the driver receives the suspension order (usually when a police officer makes a traffic stop or an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol). After any conviction for drunk driving, you will be released on probation for at least three years and often up to five years. This probation is normally called “summary probation,” which means that you don't have to contact a probation officer and you're not regularly supervised.

However, there are a variety of requirements you must meet during your probation period, or you could face additional penalties. One requirement that all offenders face for driving under the influence of alcohol is not to drive with alcohol in their system. If you do, you will be treated with “zero tolerance”. To crack down on underage drinking, California enacted a “zero tolerance” law with respect to minors and DUIs.

It is a crime for anyone under the age of 21 to drive with a detectable amount of alcohol in their bloodstream. The penalties for this offense are severe, so anyone arrested for a minor DUI should seek out an experienced DUI defense lawyer to help them fight the accusations.

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