How long does it take to investigate a car insurance claim in tennessee?

The insurance company generally has approximately 30 days to investigate your claim. Insurance companies in Tennessee have 120 days to resolve a claim after it has been filed.

Tennessee insurance

companies also have specific time frames in which they must recognize the claim and then decide whether to accept it before paying the final settlement. Usually just a day or two.

In a generalized disaster situation (such as a hurricane or wildfire), it can take up to a couple of weeks. Insurance companies generally have a duty to conduct a reasonable and timely investigation. Bodily injury claims are the ones that take the longest to resolve because there are several parties involved, such as your doctor, the auto insurance company, and your health insurance provider. This is because your lawyer's investigation of the claim must determine the level of fault of each party in the accident, which may require you to hire an outside expert, such as an accident reconstruction specialist, to recreate the event through a digital representation.

If your insurance company acts unethically and delays payment for no clear reason, you can file a “bad faith” lawsuit. You can determine who is at fault in a car accident by considering the statements of the driver and witnesses, the images from the dashboard camera, the location of the vehicle damage, the position of the vehicles, or any citations issued after the accident. Most auto insurance companies try to resolve accident claims as quickly as possible, which usually results in being paid within one month of filing the claim. For this reason, you should not agree to make or sign any official statement with an insurance provider or talk to an insurance provider's representative related to the claim without first consulting with your lawyer.

The important functions of your insurance company include recognizing, investigating, and paying or denying your claim promptly within a reasonable time after you have notified them of the loss. If your lawyer has to negotiate with your doctor or insurance company about the extent of your damages, your personal injury claim could take longer to resolve than if all parties agreed on the amount of damage you are suffering. In addition, poor communication between the driver, the insurance company, and the insurance adjuster can slow down the process. For more information, see WalletHub's guides on no-fault insurance and the cheapest car insurance in Tennessee.

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