Does liberty mutual cover towing and labor costs if my vehicle breaks down while driving in nashville?

Yes, Liberty Mutual offers free towing service for customers with its roadside assistance coverage. Liberty Mutual customers can request roadside assistance online or they can call 1-800-426-9898. Liberty Mutual roadside assistance coverage is similar to what other insurance providers offer, but it may cost a little more depending on the coverage you purchase. With Liberty Mutual roadside assistance, drivers can hit the road knowing that help is available if they have to stop due to a mechanical failure or a tire blowout. Liberty Mutual customers gain access to a wide range of emergency roadside services by adding this coverage to this auto policy.

Current Liberty Mutual policyholders can add this policy by editing their coverages online or by calling their insurance agent. Car insurance is critical to protecting your car against damage and liability, so you'll want to get the best coverage at the best price. Serving customers since 1912, Liberty Mutual has remained a pillar in the insurance industry for more than a century. Roadside assistance is available when you add optional “towing and labor coverage” to your Liberty Mutual policy.

Other people can't use Liberty Mutual road coverage, even if you are traveling as a passenger in your vehicle. With an average of 69 million vehicle breakdowns each year, Liberty Mutual has its customers covered if they add a competitive advantage to their auto insurance policy. SmartFinancial can help you compare the coverages and prices of more than 200 insurance partners, including Liberty Mutual. With Liberty Mutual roadside assistance, you can make up to six service calls during your policy period, but this can vary depending on the policy and location.

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