Do you have to have car insurance to get tags in tennessee?

Personal car insurance You agree to pay the amount of the premium and your insurer agrees to pay for your losses, as defined in your policy. This document is a guarantee to the government from your insurance company that you will have the minimum liability insurance required for at least five years. Remember to keep the proof of your insurance card in the car and, if you have a Direct policy, be sure to download the Direct Mobile app to always have digital access to your insurance number. Penalties for driving without insurance in Tennessee can be high, so you should take out insurance right away and have proof of coverage at all times.

Fortunately, drivers who have and maintain their car insurance through Direct Auto Insurance meet the state's minimum coverage requirements. Most states allow members of the armed forces to keep their car registration and insurance in the state where they are legally resident. If you obtain or recover your license while the car is insured, you must notify your insurance company and provide your new license number before you are legally insured in the policy. For more information, read the bill (or this summary of the bill) that affects Tennessee car insurance laws or contact a local Direct Auto insurance agent.

Through this program, a high-risk driver can apply for coverage from any auto insurance company, even a company that previously turned them down because of their driving history. Drivers who have multiple accidents or traffic violations on their driving record may struggle to obtain traditional insurance through an insurance provider. To get unlicensed car insurance, you must exclude yourself as a driver in the policy and include a licensed family member, friend, or caregiver as the primary driver. However, keep in mind that if Florida is your secondary state, your insurance policy, regardless of where you buy it, must include Florida's minimum mandatory insurance coverage.

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