Can a 16 year old get their own car insurance in tennessee?

Most car insurance companies will require teens who live with their parents to be listed on the parents' policy. If you're the parent of a teen with a learner's permit, your policy should normally cover your teen without requiring you to take any action. Getting car insurance for your teen driver can be expensive. However, if you do your research beforehand and compare prices, you can find the right policy at a low cost.

Knowing the cheapest vehicles to insure can help you prepare your budget to insure an inexperienced driver. For help with everything related to insurance in Tennessee, contact the TDCI Consumer Insurance Services Division at 1-800-342-4029 or (61) 741-2218, or visit us online. Since most insurance companies don't offer policies for children, the parent or guardian must sign the insurance documents (contract). You usually pay a small fee to exclude a driver from one or more of your vehicles, and in return, the car insurance company doesn't qualify that person for cars.

While you can title a car in the name of a minor, a license plate cannot be issued without proof of the vehicle's liability insurance. When looking for an auto insurance policy, you can also consider the types of coverage available, discounts, customer satisfaction scores, and financial strength ratings. Because your premium can be relatively expensive if you add a 16-year-old driver, you might be looking for affordable car insurance for your teenage driver. There's no set time when it's necessary to remove the new driver from your car insurance policy, as long as they live at home with you.

Many car insurance companies allow parents to include a teen with a learner's permit in the policy at no cost until the child gets a full driver's license or turns 18, whichever comes first. In fact, looking for a new car insurance company can help you save on premium costs, as each insurer evaluates violations, accidents, and claim history, as well as age and experience, differently. Including a teen in their own policy is almost always more expensive than adding a teenager to existing car insurance. A sports car or other high-powered vehicle isn't good for a novice driver, and insurance rates back that up.

If the car is worth a reasonable amount and you want to be able to file claims with your insurance company for repairs or for its total loss, there is no doubt that it includes these coverages in the vehicle. The telematic device transmits the insured driver's behaviors, such as braking, miles traveled, speed and the time of day the car is in use. Getting quotes from several insurers can help you find the best auto insurance company for your home and insurance needs.

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