Are there any special discounts for members of certain businesses or industries in chattanooga?

The discounts are free for the company. Workout Anytime — BOGO offer: Buy a one-year basic or premium membership and get a one-year membership for. Tennessee Farm Bureau members receive all kinds of benefits in and around our great state, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of their member benefits. Farm Bureau member discounts include discounts on hotels, cars and tickets to many of the most popular destinations in Tennessee and Georgia.

These significant savings can help you plan your next trip. Handmade cocktails: special drink offers for March. Steward is a collective agriculture platform that helps sustainable farms to thrive by allowing ordinary people to invest in them directly and to thrive together with them. Steward is an investment platform that allows people to invest in land.

That means providing sustainably managed, human-scale farms with a vital source of independent and unsubsidized funding. And in return, Steward investors enjoy part of that success in the form of healthy returns on their investment, not to mention the satisfaction that comes from having changed the world for the better.

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