Are there any special discounts available from geico for drivers who have taken accident avoidance courses who live in franklin and need car insurance?

GEICO strongly recommends that you take defensive driving courses, and in turn, you could qualify for a discount that allows you to enjoy a cheaper car insurance policy. By completing a Geico defensive driving course, drivers receive a discount of up to 5% or 10% on their Geico car insurance premium. This includes whether there is a Geico safe driver discount app, how to get affordable car insurance at a discount for Geico safe drivers, the average discounted car insurance rates for Geico's safe drivers, and more. The New York Internet and Insurance Point Reduction Program (IPIRP) is an online course that offers a mandatory 10% discount on insurance for three years.

While all New York providers accept the reduction in defensive driving insurance, be sure to contact your insurance company and ask about any specific policies related to the IPIRP discount. Check with your Nationwide insurance agent for the terms of the 10% reduction in insurance and other discounts for drivers. AAA Auto Insurance offers a 10% discount on collision, liability and no-fault insurance premiums after completing an online defensive driving course. This law requires insurance companies to offer a 10% discount on liability and collision insurance for cars or motorcycles if you complete an accident prevention course approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Contact your American Family Insurance agent for specific information about the IPIRP discount and other ways you can lower your car insurance premium. Auto insurance discounts are a way to save on rates, and you can save up to 26% with Geico's safe driver discounts. You can get a discount for driving defensively on car insurance if you complete an approved driver education course. The GEICO insurance discount applies to your collision, no-fault and liability premiums for three years.

The Geico Safe Driver Discount includes a few different discounts, such as the Defensive Driver Course Discount, the Good Driver Discount and Geico DriveEasy. Even if your car insurance company isn't listed above, you'll be entitled to a 10% discount for defensive driving if you meet your provider's requirements.

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