Are there any online tools available to help manage my policy with progressive car insurance franklin?

Managing your policy online is easy. You can make payments, view policy details, report claims, print identification cards or insurance slips, and more. Stop looking for discounts, trying to calculate rates and playing with coverages. We've made it much easier to get the car insurance rate you want.

Quote now and use our Name Your Price tool to tell us how much you would like to pay. Here are the best coverage options to meet your budget. Just one of the many ways you can save with Progressive. Keep in mind that you could lose your e-discount if you choose to receive your car insurance card in the mail.

With Progressive Pet Insurance from Pets Best, you can create a plan that fits the needs of your dog or cat, as well as your budget. Yes, you can show proof of insurance on your phone at the DMV or BMV in every state that accepts proof of digital insurance. This information is not an insurance policy, does not refer to any specific insurance policy, and does not modify any provision, limitation or exclusion that is expressly stated in any insurance policy. With most insurance companies, you'll be able to get proof of car insurance immediately after buying a policy.

Information provided by an applicant or insured person to a business owner, general liability, professional liability, or workers' compensation insurer is subject to their terms of use and privacy policy, and may be shared with us. You may need to present proof of insurance to your landlord, mortgage lender, or condo association, but you usually won't need an insurance card for property insurance policies. The proof of insurance is usually an identification card, printed or electronic, provided by your insurer. While not all insurers offer digital insurance cards, legalizing them by state usually means that if you have one, you don't have to worry about carrying a piece of paper in your wallet or glove compartment.

While it's always good to have paper copies available as a backup, you can rest easy knowing that your digital insurance card is sufficient in case you need to show proof of insurance. Some progressive companies can receive compensation as authorized agencies for providing services on behalf of business owners, general liability, professional liability and workers' compensation insurers. The proof of insurance is the documentation from your insurer that shows that you have an active insurance policy that meets state requirements.

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